Embracing change - the FabVenues way

“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.” - Winston Churchill

Well, change is everywhere. Earth changes its position each second. The seasons change with the world. With each change, the earth and its inhabitants either adapt themselves or move to other places.

Some changes are outside us and visible but do you know we too are changing continuously! Every cell in our body has a finite life span.

Then some things exist only by changing. The philosopher Heraclitus insisted- Look at the river which exists because it flows.

Human history is also a witness to change - we have evolved from hunter gatherers to masters of the world and even exploring the frontiers beyond our planet.There was a time when there were few civilizations centred around the great river basins. This was followed by empires which stretched across contine. Changes were equally profound in the realm of religion; Christianity arose in the west while Buddha challenged Hinduism in the east. A few centuries later, Islam arose in Arabia.

History moved on with world wars inflicting misery followed by hope as Man set his foot on the Moon and the Berlin wall came crashing down, India gained independence, struggled as importer of almost everything in post independence era to to exporter of the most sophisticated IT technology services, to the biggest manufacturer and exporter of the life saving covid vaccine.

As India embraces itself from strength to strength, the business organizations too embrace the change and move forward.

Change is what keeps every organization alive and meaningful

Organizations have a motto, a process, management;Like everything for them change is equally necessary. Though it may be scary, change does lead to positive outcomes.

Change can shake us from our comfort zone, can motivate us, can challenge us to better ourselves, can improve skills, can lead to innovations, can lead to improvisations.

Learning from the environment, FabVenues - booking portal for all venues, a unique never before concept of getting all types of venues for rent, be it for holidays or family functions or corporate functions and events under one umbrella and giving it the ammunition of ease of search, booking, and if need be cancellation all within the comfort of customer’s chairs of mobile phones, too changed itself over the months.

FabVenues values its customers, its partners and its staff. Hence, it embraces the mentality of change and innovation. Not just cosmetic change but a fundamental change where everyone's a winner. The aim is not to dominate but to understand the market because we don’t want to fall prey to the complacency curve.

Corona Virus has shown that the inevitable can happen. So we need to adapt, and grow with each step.

So what’s new with FabVenues?

One Portal, All Venues - Every venue under one portal powered by search via different parameters like “Venue Types”, “Venue For”, “Location” and “Capacity” of the venue gives customers ease of access along with saving time and effort.

No hidden charges - you won’t find them written in fine print, not even when you use a lens. We know that the service industry has hidden charges that eat into the customers budget but nothing to hide at FabVenues.

Direct Chat with Owners - This allows customers to negotiate and customize their stay while making direct inquiries about amenities or promotions offered.

Book Services with venue - Keeping a view of the complexity of the market, FabVenues allows the venue owners to not just publish the price of the place but also F&B and Services (as many options they wish) so that customers can pick and choose and book everything together.

Easy Navigation - Neatly designed with effective interlinks to make navigation easy and fun. The customers have everything at their fingertips- the place, the service and security.

Why settle for the mundane when we bring you a list of properties for all your whims and fancy. For a summer getaway, a place to hold a destination wedding, a special occasion, a corporate party, birthday for kids- FabVenues has fantastic resorts, villas, homestay, banquets, farmhouses, malls, open spaces to host them, and truth be told, we have not even started. As we move along, new properties, property types will continue to be added for a better experience for our customers.

Control with venue owner - With our unique design, the venue owner has greater control over how they price their properties, offer discounts, display and sell their F&B and services offering.

Flexibility is the key word with FabVenues- whether it is about listing the properties, pricing, better navigation, more amenities and so on.

Last but not the least, we are more visible now with a new logo that will catch your attention.Customers can now identify and connect with our brand and reputed delivery of authentic service.

FabVenues is all about the growth mindset because we imagine more and more for everyone. We thrive on challenges, we believe in new experiences, we are passionate about change!

Come, embrace the change with FabVenues, Book Places!

Author: Nawsheen Muzamil

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Embracing change - the FabVenues way

Well, change is everywhere. Earth changes its position each second. The seasons change with the world. With each change, the earth and its inhabitants either adapt themselves or move to other places.

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