Aerocity Delhi-The hub of the finest hotels in Delhi

From the ruling ground of the Mughals, Delhi rose to become the most significant metropolis of the country. The blend of religions, customs, and the fact that Delhi is the national capital has concentrated the national interest. As the International airport pays homage to guests from around the world, Aerocity Delhi has been cultivated to buffer their nostalgia while revealing the country's potential while showcasing magnificence.

With a spread of about 100 acres, this buffer space offers everything from being a gourmet abode to being the hub of a sophisticated corporate world. Its impeccable location serves another round of appreciation in deeming it invaluable. Located within half an hour of distance from Gurgaon, South Delhi, or even the International airport itself, the place is amassing importance of its own.

Whether it comes to having a fancy outing with your peers or exploring the refinement of the place as such, the Aerocity Delhi has a vibe of its own that transcends you into foreign territory for the time being you are there. But in essence, space hosts a stretch of the finest hotels in Delhi. The idea of traveling doesn't imply adventure alone, it seeps in tiredness, and the Aerocity's hotels in Delhi welcome its international travelers to relax. Especially if your work demands more travel than stay, it is wise to unpack near airports, and the Aerocity hosts numerous options for that.

These hotels in Aerocity Delhi have successfully managed to exploit their positional essence. A refined atmosphere added to being the nearest resting ground for international guests serves well when it comes to hosting functions, meetings, etc. This vast arena offers a range of hotels that tend to your sophisticated get-togethers. These places that you can book on the official website of fabvenues include:

Apart from being spacious, these halls evanesce of sheer grandeur to conduct your functions. Belonging to the chain of Pride Plaza Hotels, Aerocity, New Delhi, “this 5-star hotel near Delhi Airport provides the finest accommodation and state-of-the-art amenities and serves as a delightful haven for business and leisure travelers. The palatial rooms are decorated with the magnificent monumental images of India. The most striking aspect of the lovely images highlighting the beauty of the country is that they are absolutely authentic. Being a quintessential traditional hotel, the Pride Plaza offers its guests a host of opportunities to feel at home and relish the true Indian treat in the form of home-made jams, pickles, conventional chaats in the buffet, the relaxing welcome drink, tamarind candies, hot water bottles among many others”, quotes their management.

The Senate Multi-Function Hall at the Pride Plaza Hotel, for instance, is an ideal location for a short conference call or a business meeting, with a variety of audio-visual equipment to meet all of your requirements. On the other hand, the exquisitely built Chancery Hall is the ideal setting for any type of corporate event or family celebration for up to 250 people. On similar grounds, The Imperial Hall is ornately designed. This elegant banquet hall with high ceilings can be the perfect venue for Weddings, Banquets, Celebrations, Conferences, Product Launches, Seminars, and much more, Fortunately, fabvenues offers an easy platform for the bookings of resorts and halls serving multiple purposes including these above mentioned. Apart from these, the website enlists many other hotels in Delhi where easy bookings are ensured. Visit the official website today to know more.


Author: Nawsheen Muzamil

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Aerocity Delhi-The hub of the finest hotels in Delhi

From the ruling ground of the Mughals, Delhi rose to become the most significant metropolis of the country.....

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