Budget hotels in Delhi for Wedding

Matches are made in heaven but marriages are solemnized on earth. Indian weddings have always been big events where celebrations are carried out for many days.In past the wants of people were few and public parks were many and huge spaces in homes served the purpose. Bollywood changed all this as Sharukh or Salman wooed their heroines and took away the ‘dulhaniya’ amidst much fanfare. We all want this dream wedding but somewhere budget becomes a constraining feature.We at fabvenues want everyone to have a memorable day and have a list of properties where budget meets the pomp without burning a hole in the pocket.

1. Budget matters

So plan ahead and make a spreadsheet to find areas where you may save money.Breakup the events and calculate the cost.A big chunk of the money goes into choosing the venue so go for budget hotels or banquets.Instead of a luxury hotel in the city for a wedding, a site on the outskirts helps to save money. The red saffron banquet hall in Rohini is a budget option which is in Delhi and accessible easily for guests and family too.

2. Who all are coming...

Allow it to sink in that the cost of a wedding is mostly determined by the number of people in attendance—guests in attendance decide not only the size of your location, but also how much food you'll have to offer. Now decide on the venue depending on the guest list- the size should be appropriate so that the guests neither feel cramped nor cold but just cozy! A budget hotel usually accommodates around 150-200 guests. The V4 residency in Pitampura is ideally located near the airport, railway and city centre which means easy access to everything and allows guests also to find their way here.

3.Begin your search on the earlier side

Great venues fill up 12-18 months in advance, so the sooner you start, the more likely you are to receive your first choice—this applies to all of your vendors as well.It might be possible to get an early bird discount not only for the venue but also with other vendors you may choose.Try to use the same venue for different gatherings as it will be easier on both your budget and your guests.

4. Location is quite the key factor

It's critical that the transition from point A to point B be as smooth as possible.Delhi is a big metro city with its rush hour traffic and wedding season chaos so it is important that the hotel/venue is located where it can be reached easily even though it may be on the outskirts.So consider these questions: Is it conveniently accessible, or is it out of the way?Will out-of-town visitors be able to find their way around easily? Hotel marigold in Dwarka is a budget hotel within the city limit and is easily accessible to everyone.Just 10 minutes walk from the metro station and situated near two prominent schools nearby helps guests to zeroin on the location.

5. Focus on your non-negotiables.

It might be the decoration or catering or maybe both.If so maybe you might spend a larger part of your budget on these areas for you want the event to have beautiful pictures and pleasant memories for everyone.This point leads to vendors who provide these services.Some sites do not provide complete service, such as catering, bartending, and staffing, resulting in a lower-cost package (this is ideal if you are on a tight budget, as you will be able to find lower-cost outside providers to fill in the gaps).However, having vendors on-site means less running around.

6. Fulfilling food

Food is such an important element of our weddings, and it is easy to get carried away with menus featuring foods from cuisines throughout the world.To keep your spending under control, stick to the basics and focus on food quality rather than variety. Keep an eye on reviews by guests and try to sample some dishes prior to the event so that desired changes can be made.

7. Decor is the key

When having your wedding at a hotel or banquet hall, you can save a lot of money on decorations because the backdrop of a banquet hall is already beautiful and alluring.Otherwise too an open space allows free use of creativity where less means more.

8. Little things matter a lot

To ensure a great guest experience, make sure there will be ample parking space (without your attendees having to walk a mile from your ceremony venue and back) and some accommodations for out station guests. Go with the season while selecting food or decor or the venue so that things automatically become easy. The Goodwill hotel in South Delhi offers space for intimate ceremonies for upto 50 guests and has 17 spacious rooms also for guests who are staying in the city. Conveniently located at just 5 minutes from the Metro station it is perfect for events.

While every wedding-related decision helps to shape your big day, there are a handful that have a greater impact than others.Infact selecting a place is also a matter of intuition-if it keeps you awake at night, it's all wrong but if you wake up dreamy eyed then it is perfect.


Author: Nawsheen Muzamil

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Budget hotels in Delhi for Wedding

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