Site features - for the venue owners or managers on Fabvenues

FabVenues Features:

Multiple Venues - one platform

Flexible Search Option

Search to Check-in - End to end transactional platform

Chat with venue owners

Book and pay in up to 3 instalments

Multiple Venues - One Platform

The venues are categorised for Stay and Events.

Venues for Stay:

The Venues for stay are the ones that are used by customers for staying for one night or more. They further be categorised into “Entire Place” - Venues which are booked as whole unit by customers for stay. The venues under this category would be “Home”, “Staycation”, “Homestay”, “Farmhouse”, “Villa”, “Apartment”.

The next category is “Private Room” - Venues where one or more rooms are booked in a bigger unit. The typical venue types under this category would be “Hotels” and “Resorts”. Venues like “Farmhouse” or “Home” can also be listed by the owners if they choose to rent their venue as rooms instead of entire place.

The next category is “Shared Space”- Venues where a space is shared by more than one person. The venues under this category would be “Dormitory” or “Hostel”, where a large ‘room’ or ‘entire place’ is used by many people and usually beds are rented out along with other common amenities like AC, Washrooms etc.

Venues for Events

The Venues for events are the ones that can be used by customers for events. The event may be for a few hours or a few days. The events can be both personal as well as commercial. Personal events include marriage/ wedding, engagement, birthday party, get together and such, while commercial/ official events can be “Business meet”, Conference, Launch Parties, Product Promotional Events and such.

The Venues that can be booked on FabVenues fall into 4 major categories:


Banquet Hall or Conference Hall or Meeting Hall, in a community centre, a hotel or resort or a personal property converted into commercial venue.


Open spaces are most popular for business meets or rallies. The event venue can be categorised under lawns, or party lawns.

Kiosk/ Stall

Small kiosk for business/ product promotion in a market or a mall or an apartment complex.

Open Space

Open spaces are commonly used for business promotions, roadshows. These open spaces may be in a market, or a mail or in an apartment complex.

Flexible Search Option

Any venue can be searched using different parameters for saving time and effort. On Fabvenues portal, Venues can be searched by:

1. Location: Search for a location and look at all the venues in that location. For example: Delhi, Gurgaon, Pitampura, New Delhi or location of your choice

2. Venue for: Search can also be done as per the venue requirement. For example: Wedding, Birthday Party. The venues appropriate for matching events and/or tagged with matching keywords will appear in the search results.

3. Venue Type: A venue can also be searched by venue type, for example: search directly for banquet hall or party lawn in a particular location for saving time and effort.

4. Venue Capacity: Search by capacity of the venue. In case you wish to book a party lawn for 1000+ people, why look for venues that hold only up to 500 pax. Save time, save effort with FabVenues.

5. Availability: For the dates selected, only the available venues for the selected dates will appear in the search results. This feature ensures speedy booking with less effort.

Search to Check-in - End to end transactional platform

Fabvenues powers its users for an end to end transaction without any mediation. The customers can search for venue as per their requirement, connect with owners directly over chat, enquire and/ or negotiate over prices and services being offered by the venue owner, book by paying in instalments, everything directly on the portal itself.

Chat connect with venue owners

Chat connect is a unique feature incorporated on the booking portal using which customers can connect directly with the venue owner to seek any clarification over services or even negotiate prices so that customers get the best deal.

In case of events, despite all the information about venue provided on the site, there can be unique queries that can be clarified over chat.

Fabvenues however advises the customers strongly not to share any personal details, or credit card or any payment details and deal off the site for ensuring secure transaction.

The chat prevents exchange of contact numbers or email IDs, and an effort to share these information multiple times can lead to the users being blocked off on chat or de-listing of the venue or completely bring barred from using the portal for further bookings.

Book and Pay in Upto 3 Instalments

Fabvenues allows the venue owners to collect the payment in as many as 3 instalments. This feature is specially useful for high value and/or much in advance bookings for a stay or an event. For corporate events or personal events like marriage, venues are booked much in advance. With this flexible payment collection system, the customers can pay a booking amount to book their venue and then pay balance in instalments.