How It Works - for the venue owners or managers on Fabvenues

Listing your property on Fabvenues

The property owners/ managers/ hosts list their property with all details that they would like their customers to know about.

Customers get to see Property photos, property details, offerings like flower & decor, snacks/food/drinks (options), Room types and tariff that they can choose.

Customers get to see the information like payment terms, cancellation policy, check in check out times and other such relevant details (All this information comes from the property listing by the host).


The listing of as many properties on Fabvenues is FREE of charge.


We only charge a processing fee when you get paid for you booking. The processing fee gets deducted from you pay-out. How Payout works?


Manage all your listings under a single login using one e-mail and one mobile number for better control and less complication.


Your customers don’t just rent a place, they need food and services to go along with. With Fabvenues, the Host has complete control over their business and the guest have choice of options to choose from. All can be done in convenience. No more multiple calls, no more hassles, all can be done using the Fabvenues portal or Fabvenues mobile app (coming soon).

In case of Banquet Halls, food & beverages form the core requirement. Guests need food, flower & decoration, DJ, and many more services that now can be offered by the host instead of the guest going to multiple places for different requirements for an event.

How to set it up while listing

Under Pricing-set up tab > Set Rent for Venue > Choose option of Pricing (Per Night or Per Guest Per Night

Adding F&B

Click Edit against F&B to enter prices for Food & Beverages > add as many options as possible using the (+) sign against each line > Choose options in Pricing: Single Fee / Per Guest / Per Guest Per Day / Per Guest Per Meal

Adding Services

Like adding F&B, add services that you can offer, for example: Bonfire, Jungle Safari, DJ, Photography, Event Management and more…

Change prices for existing listing

Go to “My properties” > Choose “Edit Property” > Go to Pricing-set up tab > Change the Prices/ Pricing Options > Click Save and Exit


Fabvenues provides maximum control to the owners by allowing the host/ owner to set the booking method as ‘Instant’ or ‘Request to Book’.

When the Booking Method is set to Instant Booking, guest can book the place directly by choosing dates, and making the payment as per the Payment Terms set by the host.

How to set it while listing:

Under “Pricing set-up” tab > Booking Type> Choose Instant or Request to book using scroll down option > click Save

Edit Booking Type for existing listing:

Go to “My properties” > “Edit Property”> “Pricing Set-up” > Booking Type> Choose Instant or Request to book using scroll down option > click Save.

When the Booking Method is set to Request to Book, the booking request comes to the host (notifications via web/ email and mobile), the owners get to choose to accept the booking or not.

Why Request to Book: This is particularly helpful when the prices are fluctuating, or guests ask for a price lower than listed or if host wants to choose whom to rent in a busy season. It helps in greater control with the host and revenue maximization)

Once the host gets the request, they can either ‘Accept the booking request or send Special Offer, where the invoice can be edited by the host as per guest request/ discussion.

In case of Events like booking for corporate events, conference, marriages, birthday parties etc, this feature comes handy for both the guest and the host for negotiation and coming to even terms and/ or discuss about the venue and its facilities.

Set Discounts for maximum booking
Early Bird Discount

Set discount to encourage guests to book early for a healthy pipeline and better business. Set up no. of days & discount %. For ex.: If guest books 30 days in advance, they get 10% off on nightly/ daily rental.

Last minute Discount

People make instant plans. If your place is vacant, offer an incentive to guests to book. Set up no. of days & discount %. For ex.: If guest books 2 days before check-in, they get 15% off on nightly/ daily rental.

How to set it while listing

Under “Pricing set-up” tab > Pricing- other details > Set no. of days and discount % for both > click Save (it’s an optional field).

Edit Booking Type for existing listing:

Go to “My properties” > “Edit Property”> “Pricing Set-up” > Pricing-other details > Set no. of days and discount % for both > click Save.

How Invoicing works

On accepting offer, the guest receives the invoice equivalent to the term set in the payment terms (For example: If the total amount comes to Rs. 10,000 and the payment term is set at 3 terms at 20% as booking amount, the invoice the guest will receive would be Rs. 2,000. Once the guest makes the payment, the booking would be confirmed for the guest and listing calendar would be blocked).

Further, for next payments, automatic reminders would be sent to the guest from Fabvenues. The host has the option to send a payment request using the ‘My Reservations’ tab.


A unique feature that gives complete control to the host and the guest for interaction. Customer can connect directly with the host for enquiry about property, price, booking dates etc using the 'Chat with Host' option.

Fabvenues provides complete transparency between the host and the guest for enquiry about property, arrangements etc for most convenience to both host and the guest.

Note: The chat function limits the exchange of contact nos., e-mail ID as Fabvenues as we insist on booking through Fabvenues for maximum security. Multiple trials of exchange of contact detail may lead to the chat option being blocked.

Payment from Guest

Once 1st part (in case of 2/3 part payment) is paid, the booking is confirmed, and the calendar automatically gets blocked for that date.

The payment made by guest is held in a virtual account and it gets transferred to the host account (the bank account that's updated on Host profile. Check Payout.

Reservation and Calendar

If calendar is synced with other calendars like Airbnb, Oyo, Makemytrip etc. using ICAL option, your calendar on other platforms also gets blocked.

Check in/ Welcome Guest

You are all set to welcome the guest to your place.

Multiple Payment Invoicing System
3 terms

The host can ask the guest to pay in as many as 3 terms/ instalments.

The amount (%) to be paid for each instalment can be set while setting up the property by the host.

For ex.: 1st Payment/ Booking amount can be set at 20% of total, 2nd instalment can be set at 40% and the final instalment can be set at 20% of the total. The host has complete flexibility in allocating the % of amount to be collected in each term.

Such a set-up is highly convenient for the guest if the amount is substantial and/or the booking is done much in advance.

2 terms

Like 3 terms, set the payment term to 2 terms, and set the % age of 1st and 2nd term as per host’s decision.

1 term

The guest gets to make the entire payment at the booking.

Usually beneficial for the host, however, when the amount is large, it’s convenient for the guest to make payment in multiple terms

How to set it up while listing:

Under Pricing-set up > Select Payment Terms> Choose between 1/ 2 and 3(Option to put payment percentage opens).

Choose percentage of each term totaling to 100%.
[Note: The first term would be the booking amount that guest will pay to book your property]

Change payment terms for existing listing

Change payment terms for existing listing: Go to “My properties” > Choose “Edit Property” > Go to Pricing-set up tab > Change the Payment terms > Click Save and Exit

Payment Methods

The payment gateway partner for Fabvenues is Razorpay, that’s most reliable name in handling payments. When guests book through Fabvenues, they get the option to make payment using their Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Bank account/ Wallets as per their convenience.At Fabvenues, we will soon be introducing the option of Pay Later, which enables the guests for booking the property and pay later for improving bookings


When are you getting your money?
We will send out your payment as soon as the guests check-in. If you have multiple listings with us and guests checking in the same day, the payouts would be clubbed and send to your bank/ payment method.

The Payout doesn’t include the security deposit. Security deposit is an amount that can be claimed by the host in case of any damages done to the property by the guests to the extent Security Deposit is set by the host while setting up the property. How Security Deposit works?


The host gets to set the cancellation policy. The host can set their cancellation method to Easy/ Moderate/Strict while listing the property. In case of cancellation of booking by a guest, the applicable cancellation method at the time of booking for the guest would be applicable.


Full (100%) Refund - up to 3 days (72 hrs) of check in.

50% refund between 1 day (24hrs) to 3 days (72 hrs)

No refund - within 24 hrs of check in


Full Refund - up to 7 days of check in,

50% refund between 7 days to 3 days (72 hrs),

25% refund between 1 day (24hrs) to 3 days (72 hrs),

No refund - within 24 hrs of check in


Full Refund - up to 15 days of check in,

50% between 7 days to 15 days, 25% refund between 3 days to 7 days,

No Refund - within 3 days (72 hrs) of check-in

hpayout icon
Security Deposit

Your property is precious, and you want to keep it protected

The host can set up a security deposit that will be paid by the guest at the time of booking. In case of a damage to the property, the host can write to FabVenues resolution team via an e-mail (write to with description of damage, along with images as proof of damage as a claim. The claim would be analyzed and on approval would be deducted from the security deposit and paid to the host.

How to set it up while listing

Under “Pricing set-up” tab set the Security Deposit amount, click Save once done.

Adding F&B

Go to “My properties” > “Edit Property”> “Pricing Set-up” > Set the Security Deposit amount, Click Save and Exit
Note: Set up an amount that will be added to the invoice when guests book your place. In case of any damages, you can put a claim up to that amount.