How It Works - for the guests for booking on Fabvenues


1What is FabVenues and how it's different from other property booking organisation?

FabVenues is an online booking portal for all venues. FabVenues is an aggregator of properties and provides a safe platform for the customers to book a venue by making a payment online, get booking confirmation online. If required, the customers can opt for cancellation of their reservation on their own as per the cancellation policy applicable during the time of booking.

FabVenues, unlike many other booking platforms, provides an option of direct connect between the owner of the venue and the customer via ‘chat’ option. Via chat, the customers can ask specific questions about the property, about the stay, any special requests can be made via the chat.

If there is a change in arrival time, reschedule of dates, times etc, it can easily be discussed with the owner directly. For more details go through all the features mentioned in Features section.

2 What are the services provided by the FabVenues?

FabVenues is an online booking portal for all venues. The platform aims to be the connect between and venue owners/ managers and the end customers for booking of places for renting for short term. FabVenues provides an integrated chat option between the owners and the customers for queries about place, its services, price etc. In case of a dispute between the property owner and the customer, FabVenues as a platform reserves the right to mediate and resolve the issue amicably.

3What are the benefits I get as a customer if I choose to book with FabVenues?

With FabVenues the choice of venues you can choose is much wider than any other online platforms right now. This platform is not limited to just hotels and resorts, but many other diverse venues, for example- Banquet Halls for marriages or private functions, Conference halls for business meetings, Mall spaces for business promotions can also be booked via the FabVenues portal.

There is no mediation between the owner and the customer. As a customer, you can look at the venue pictures, its amenities, pricing, place availability and book directly over the portal in a few easy clicks.

The platform gives the flexibility to the owners to offer the customers special pricing if required. The owners can simply edit the original invoice as per the discussion with the customer. FabVenues is an end-to-end transactional platform where you can search for different venues with different options like “Location”, “Venue Type”, “Venue For”, and “Available Dates”.

4 How do I reach out to FabVenues, If I am unhappy with services?

For any support required, you can write to, our representatives will get in touch with you in 24-48 hours to take the matter forward.

5 Is there any toll-free/email number to discuss with the customer care?

The support e-mail is, our customer care representatives will connect in 24-48 hours to take the matter forward.

6 How do I book a venue on FabVenues?

The booking process is very simple. The venues listed have two booking options (as chosen by the venue owner)- Instant booking and Request Booking.

Steps Involved: Search > Get the search result as per search criteria > Choose the venue

If you see the option of Instant booking, you can look at the prices, choose options using the switch off/on button on the Proforma Invoice, pay and your booking is confirmed. You get booking confirmation via email and on the site itself. Check your booking details under “My Trips”.

7 Why do we use it?

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